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Empowering women to Step Into their Next Leadership Position

The Women In Leadership program: designed to address the unique challenges of Female Leaders 

Empowering women to Step Into their Next Leadership Position

The Women In Leadership program: designed to address the unique challenges of Female Leaders 

The Leadership Program for Women

That Produces Real
Transformational Results

More than 70% of the women that go through our Women in Leadership (WIL) Program are promoted within a year of graduating.

Women still comprise less than 25% of executive-level positions. Our Women In Leadership program is designed to
empower, equip, and to elevate women to senior roles, bridging the gender gap in leadership.

Here are other benefits our partners enjoy:

Higher retention of top talent who are skilled to advance

No need to hire women from outside your organization. Give your talented female workforce a push, and they will thrive.

A significant reduction in burnout and stress

Our science-based mindset training prepares diverse leaders to lead authentically with balance.

Build a pipeline of female talent that will propel the organization forward

Organizations that promote women to leadership positions enjoy 61% accelerated revenue growth and 60% greater market innovation.

Boosted employee engagement, productivity, and revenue

Show women leaders how to advocate for their talents and connect with their purpose, and you will keep them from looking elsewhere.

Marked increase in EQ and bolstered confidence in female leaders

Help leaders become aware of what’s holding them back and give them the tools to change behaviors.

A safe space where mentorship and inclusivity  are embraced

Become a part of an inclusive community of high-achieving women leaders supporting each others’ success.

Embrace the Diversity

Challenge and Empower
Your Female Leaders

Investing in building a pipeline of female and diverse leaders benefits a company’s innovation and results. Don’t wait any longer! Invest in your talent and get what others are already enjoying!

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We've Helped Advance
Female Leaders' Careers

Topics Addressed

in This Transformational Experience

Empowering women to courageously
step into their next leadership position

Managing Bias in the Workplace

Claiming Achievements & Negotiation

Embracing Authenticity and Finding Purpose

Developing an Unshakeable Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

Building a Personal Brand

Reducing Burnout through Time Management & Planning

Building Executive Presence & Communication

Mastering the Art of Networking 

Setting Powerful Goals to Advance with Intentionality

Developing an unshakeable mindset

Managing Bias in the Workplace

Setting powerful goals to advance with intentionality

Building a Personal Brand

Mastering the art of networking 

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Embracing Authenticity and finding Purpose

Claiming Achievements & Negotiation

Reducing burnout through Time Management & Planning

Building Executive Presence & Communication

Specially Curated for Women by a Woman

Our proven framework has been specially curated by an executive woman and leadership coach who has experienced first-hand the roadblocks women go through to level up their careers in a male dominated industry.

Our focus is not only to help organizations close the gender gap, but to address the root cause stopping women from
advancing into senior leadership roles.

Who is this program for?

This program is for emerging or established female leaders looking to:

  • Take on more advanced leadership roles – at all levels
  • Increase their visibility, influence, and impact and be recognized as a value-added change catalyst
  • Develop leadership skills, confidence, and connections
  • Have a space where they can be vulnerable while getting the proven mentorship, training, and
    coaching they need
  • Grow their negotiation, advocacy, and networking skills
  • Accelerate their success and take their career to the next level, eliminating burnout and having a
    balanced and fulfilled career

What makes the program unique?

The INTERACTIVE program is geared to produce

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Implementation
  • Accountability

Specially curated by a female leader in the tech space to include the topics that will help high performing women move the needle and lead themselves to success.

Participants will go home with a plan and actionable
strategies to break their status quo and take their
career to the next level.

How is Women in Leadership Delivered?

Each 4-month cohort will receive

  • Virtual Live training sessions
  • Virtual Live group coaching
  • Peer interaction and mentoring
  • Workbooks to work on personal assignments between classes
  • Graduation Ceremony

All sessions happen in real-time via virtual classroom (for in-person workshops, please inquire).

Hear from Past WIL Graduates and Partners

An opportunity to grow and unleash your potential

“I just finished the Leadership program led by Patricia. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to stretch themselves and achieve higher goals. Through the activities during and between sessions, you will have opportunities to grow and unleash your potential.”


Patricia inspired over 30 women in our company!

“At Cisco Systems, we created a partnership between our ERG and a phenomenal leadership and executive coach, Patricia Arboleda. I cannot be happier to see these 30 women graduating.”


Different from any other

“This leadership development program is different from any other I’ve been involved in as it started off by addressing core issues related to personal limiting beliefs that we all carry. The knowledge I gained through the course about mindset, personal branding and setting a vision and plan for my career future are invaluable. I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone looking for an Executive coach.”


Patricia helped us run a pilot program of career coaching for women at HPE.

“In the first two cohorts of women who have gone through this coaching program, over half of the participants have gone on to take promotions to new roles, promotions in place, and pay raises over the last six months.”



How to Get

Started with the
Women In Leadership Program

Ready to help the women in your organization step into their authentic voice?

Feel free to book a call to discuss how Women in Leadership can be tailored for your organization.


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