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Let’s Close the gender
gap in leadership roles

Our goal is to empower women leaders to rise and lead with courage and confidence.

Let’s Close the gender
gap in leadership roles

Our goal is to empower women leaders
to rise and lead with courage and confidence.

Leadership Development & Coaching for

Women and LatinX Leaders

Drive progress on
diversity goals

No need to hire women from outside your organization. Give your talented female workforce a push, and they will thrive.

Impact the company’s
bottom line

Organizations that promote women to leadership positions enjoy 61% accelerated revenue growth and 60% greater market innovation.

Boost employee engagement
and retention

Show women leaders how to advocate for their talents and connect with their purpose, and you will keep them from looking elsewhere.

Increase Self-Awareness and grow your pipeline of
female leaders

Help leaders become aware of what’s holding them back and give them the tools to change behaviors.

Reduce burnout and stress
and build psychologically
safe environments

Our science-based mindset training prepares diverse leaders to lead authentically with balance.

Engage your female
workforce in programs that
deliver results

The combination of training, coaching, and accountability provides transformational results for your leaders and organization.

Trusted By

The World’s Leading Brands

Patricia Arboleda

As a Latina woman with 25+ years of leadership experience in Corporate America, Patricia knows firsthand what obstacles stand in the way for female leaders.

After a journey of discovery, she has cracked the code and has found the root cause holding female leaders from advancing into senior leadership roles.

Now, when Fortune 1000 companies want to move beyond just hiring to meet their diversity goals – they come to Patricia and Arboleda Coaching.

Proven Coaching Programs for

Create Transformational Results


Our corporate leadership development programs aim to close the gender gap in senior leadership positions. Each program provides solutions for organizations based on their specific needs and develops immersive experiences that allow women to acquire actionable strategies to impact their workplaces.


Each coaching program is tailored to empower women as leaders and accelerate their career success. Our executive coaching programs are specially curated for individual women interested in finding their path to success.

Keynotes​ &

Our keynotes and workshops are all designed to inspire audiences and leave them with actionable insights and strategies to put into powerful action. Tailored for the audience’s needs, these presentations are proven to change the mindset of attendees

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Successful Women Leaders

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Women in Leadership


As a thought leader, Patricia has been writing in different media. Get access to her most recent articles and blogs.

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How Arboleda Coaching Has Helped

Female Leaders Grow Their Careers

A program is different from any other

The knowledge I gained through the course about mindset, personal branding and setting a vision and plan for my career future are invaluable.


Patricia’s program is outstanding!

She connects with you personally and professionally to help bring out your strengths. You can learn different techniques to sharpen your professional brand and stop self-limiting beliefs.


I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes

She made me feel empowered in knowing that I have the skillset and knowledge to make bold moves in my career. I would highly recommend her!



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