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Executive Coaching
For Career Advancement

Whether you feel stuck and want to move forward in the corporate world or want to find purpose in your career and succeed without sacrificing what you love most, Arboleda Coaching has the right program for you!

Executive Coaching
For Career Advancement

Whether you feel stuck and want to move forward in the corporate world or want to find purpose in your career and succeed without sacrificing what you love most, Arboleda Coaching has the right program for you!

Become the

Leader You Want To Be and Take
Your Career to the Next Level!

Gain self-confidence, maximize your performance, and find a work-life balance.

Find Your Uniqueness
Discover your strengths and use them to become a unique leader for your team.

Rise Above Challenges
Identify and overcome obstacles that prevent you from succeeding.

Nurture Your Leadership Skills
Make your strengths work for you to maximize your potential.

Gain the Courage to Make your Way
Increase your self-confidence and find the courage to become an authentic leader.

Build Deeper Connections
Build professional relationships to increase your advancement opportunities.

Establish Great Work-Life Balance
Be more present and create a more emotionally fulfilling life.

We've Helped Women in

These Companies Become
Courageous Leaders

Our programs on executive coaching for women have helped many female leaders climb the corporate ladder in the following companies.

Reach Your

Full Potential As A Leader

Gain self-confidence, find purpose, and maximize your results with our individualized coaching. 

Coaching Programs

for Female Executives

Our selection of executive coaching programs for women will help you advance your career and achieve the balance you desire. Take a look!


Our one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to get to the heart of your concerns in a safe, relaxed, and open-minded environment.

Patricia will ask questions and give you tools to accelerate your results. She will also be fully committed and invested in your success during your time together.

Break from the Perfectionism Trap

It’s time for you to flourish and live a life of abundance, even in the face of economic uncertainty!

Join this 2-week program and amazing community of professionals from around the world to gain support through interactive sessions, a LinkedIn group, and learning empowering skills.

Leading From the Inside Out

Through this four-week virtual live program, you will be able to step into your voice, embrace what’s possible, overcome challenges, and put your career and life back on track.

This unique program allows you to build an unshakable mindset through actionable strategies and tools. Take control of your success!


Coming Soon
Engage in a community of women with shared and individual challenges. Participate in group coaching sessions (guided by Patricia), where you can discuss your concerns and get insights from different perspectives.

Make progress at your own pace, achieve transformative outcomes, and take your career to new heights.

Coaching with Horses

Coming Soon
Horses are intuitive, empathic animals that can tell you a lot about yourself. As part of our Coaching with Horses program, you will gain confidence and enhance your communication skills, and find peace and balance.

Soon, you’ll live a transformative experience. Stay tuned!


Coming Soon
Picture yourself in a scenic environment engaging in activities that promote self-reflection and discovery. Sounds wonderful, right? That’s exactly how our retreats work.

Ranging from three to seven days, our retreats’ main goal is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Disconnect from the world and (re) discover yourself and your love for what you do.

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Coaching Programs

 A few of our programs require a specific number of participants. Please complete the form, select the program of your interest, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Take our assessments and find the program that best suits your needs or book a call to discuss your career challenges and goals.


The best professional investment I’ve made

“I wanted to find a coach who understood the multiracial challenges for women in the workplace, and I did! Now I feel confident making decisions for myself.”


Patricia helped me understand my value

“Patricia’s guidance gave me clarity and confidence when I launched my company. I strongly recommend her, especially to Latinas seeking new career challenges.”


An opportunity to grow and unleash your potential

“I recently completed Patricia’s coaching program. I highly recommend working with her to anyone who wants to extend themselves and reach their goals.”



Executive Coaching

Resources for

Discover our selection of resources for executive women interested in boosting their leadership skills.

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