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Resources for
Courageous Leaders

Inspirational Resources for Courageous Leaders

At Arboleda Coaching, we have prepared a set of resources to continue inspiring women beyond our programs and events. We hope you can find valuable information to share in your workplace with leaders and colleagues.


Filled With Courage

Here’s what you need to stay on the path of transformational leadership:

Download Patricia’s most recent paper on the Eight Habits of Successful High-Performing Diverse Leaders.

Learn more about the current state of the role of women in the executive world.

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Self-assessment on “Success Habits to Accelerate Your Career Advancement”

Wondering if you have the right mindset and habits to find your way in your career? Answer the questions we have prepared to assess critical areas of career advancement and find out what you need to improve.  

Self-assessment on “Perfectionism, is it holding you back?”

Time to realize that perfection may not always be a good thing. After answering a group of selected questions, you’ll find out how perfectionist you are. Are you ready?

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