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3 Ways To Embrace Authenticity And Stand Out As A Female Leader

Women who lead from authenticity excel at developing work environments where each employee’s contribution is respected and valued, and where effective communication is fostered to encourage employee engagement within the organization.

Authenticity is the foundation of effective leadership, especially for female leaders. According to the Harvard Business School, authenticity is determined by individuals with high standards of integrity, accountability for their actions, and principle-based decisions.

Being true to yourself and embracing your qualities allows you to lead with confidence and integrity. Beyond that, authenticity will inspire others to go for their goals and be true to their values and desires.

That’s why, as an authentic woman leader, it is critical to serve as an example by developing good relationships among team members and peers in your organization, which will create a chain effect where everyone can contribute their best qualities and skills.

When you do so, remember to highlight the value that each member of the organization has in making things happen. Employees who feel valued by their peers and superiors will have greater self-esteem and a greater desire to excel. Consequently, this attitude will increase their commitment to the company, as will their productivity. They will also feel more motivated to contribute and see the work environment as a safe place of mutual understanding.

It is proven that an authentic leader helps keep a team more committed to the organization. According to Cornell University researchers, companies with higher retention and engagement rates encourage their employees to share their values and strengths through training programs.

For women striving to excel in leadership roles, embracing their uniqueness becomes a powerful tool to make a lasting impact. A study by Korn Ferry claims that women are rated higher than men in 17 out of 21 leadership skills, especially those that enable them to connect with people, drive talent, and incentivize employee engagement.

As an executive and leadership coach, I have witnessed firsthand the positive changes that empowering women to leverage their distinctive qualities brings, enabling them to become successful leaders.

In this article, we will explore three key strategies to embrace your uniqueness and stand out as a leader in the corporate world.

How to embrace your uniqueness to lead successfully

Be vulnerable

Share your story and vulnerability when appropriate, as this helps foster genuine connections with your team members and superiors.

One way to cultivate authenticity is by acknowledging and embracing your weaknesses. Recognizing that no one is perfect and openly seeking feedback will demonstrate your humility and willingness to grow as a leader. Authenticity builds trust, and as a leader, trust is the currency that fosters loyalty and commitment among your team. The idea is to encourage employees to share their vulnerability without feeling judged.

Embrace authenticity and differences

As an authentic female leader, you have the opportunity to be a role model for your peers. Encourage an inclusive environment where all team members’ perspectives are valued and respected, show them that they are allowed to be themselves and bring their uniqueness to the workplace and the projects you are working on. Embracing diversity as a source of strength is always a plus. It brings unique viewpoints and ideas that can drive innovation and creativity.

Have present the mission to lead by example and create opportunities for underrepresented individuals, both within your team and throughout the organization.

Encourage transparent communication

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of authentic leadership. Encourage open and honest dialogues within your team and across the organization. Be clear about your vision, goals, and expectations, and actively listen to feedback and suggestions from team members.

It is also essential to explain the reasons for each action and each objective so that the instructions are always understood and avoid any misunderstanding.

Transparent communication fosters a sense of unity, leading to higher employee engagement and commitment. Embrace your ability to communicate authentically and inclusively, as it sets the tone for a positive and productive work culture.

Key takeaways

Embracing your uniqueness as a female leader in the corporate world is a powerful way to make a positive impact. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, championing diversity, and fostering transparent communication are essential strategies to differentiate yourself and become an effective and inspiring leader.

From my position as a leader supporting other women to thrive, I encourage you to embrace your individuality and use it as a catalyst for success in your leadership journey. Your uniqueness is not a hindrance but a powerful asset that can shape your path to greatness.

If you are struggling to bring your best version of yourself to your job or if you think you need to improve your leadership skills, book a discovery call with me. I have multiple ways to help you succeed.

Remember, your unique qualities are what make you an exceptional leader worth following.

The original version of this publication appeared in Brainz Magazine

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