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Speaking Engagements Customized to Inspire Audiences

Speaking Engagements Customized to Inspire Audiences

Challenging Audiences to See Women in Leadership in a Whole New Light

Immerse yourself in a deep exploration of the real daily challenges faced by female executives and Latinx leaders, and start impacting your workplace as soon as you leave the room.

Patricia’s Speaking Engagements

Transform the Mindsets
of Courageous Leaders

Motivational and Inspiring
Our keynote speaker, Patricia, captivates audiences with her energy and closeness.

Geared to Action
Audiences get lots of actionable tips to step forward on their road to success.

Empowering and Transformational
Attendees leave the session feeling renewed and ready to take up the challenge.

Tailored to Audience Needs
Our speaking engagements are customized to meet attendees’ needs and characteristics.


Speaking Engagements
Don't Miss Them!

Our speaking engagements on leadership coaching offer diverse leaders an experience of personal reflection aimed at transforming their mindset and providing them with the tools and skills they need to live up to their own expectations.


Your title doesn’t define who you are. Build an Irresistible Personal Brand!

This presentation is aimed at empowering women and diverse leaders with the skills, tools, and guidance they need to promote themselves, deliver a memorable elevator pitch,  and stand out from the crowd.


Is Perfectionism
Your Career?

Designed to help participants become aware of what success means for them, how perfectionism is holding them back, how they can transform it, and how to build the courage to be more successful, more fulfilled, and balanced.


The 8 Success Habits of High-Performing Diverse Leaders

This presentation provides an overview of the 8 habits practiced by the most successful and fulfilled leaders, giving participants the tools to grow their edge, propel their careers and achieve long-term success and well-being. Attendees leave the session with the tools to do a personal inventory of their habits and tips on how to cultivate new ones.


Overcoming Overwhelm with time and priority management

Overwhelming stress from work responsibilities may lead to burnout. Since time is the most precious asset anyone has, the purpose of this session is to help diverse leaders get clarity about how they can use their time more effectively, set priorities, and make commitments required to have more reasonable work schedules.


Leader as a Coach: Developing a Coaching Habit

Through this session, diverse leaders develop leadership coaching skills to lead their teams with a sense of purpose and focus on strengths to retain talent and fulfill their employees’ needs. Overcoming The Great Resignation takes more than a high paycheck for organizations. Coaching is here to help.


Own your success, claim your achievements

Being modest and not talking about accomplishments prevent diverse leaders from having the success they want for themselves. In this session, participants learn actionable strategies on how to own their success, claim their achievements, take back control over their career advancement and be more fulfilled.



A courageous leader stands for their values, vision for their lives, and their voice, and masters the skills, strategies, and habits necessary to build an empowered mindset.
Diverse leaders walk away from this 45-minute talk with actionable strategies to shift their mindset from needing to be perfect to being courageous and taking risks to rise above their comfort zones.


Building a Purpose-Driven Career with Intentionality

Women and LatinX leaders aren’t willing to give up who they are anymore. They want to work within companies that allow them to be authentic and shine as they are – and celebrate their uniqueness. This action-driven presentation provides participants with a set of tools and frameworks to find their purpose, define their career vision and build their career dashboard to achieve success on their terms.

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Patricia changed my life!

“I’m so glad I went to the Building Your Personal Brand workshop! The session was fantastic. Patricia is changing lives with her work. She changed mine!”


A clear, loving, and revelatory approach.

“Patricia’s exercises create profound thought changes that prepare her audience for revelation. Groups become more open to take risks, share and be vulnerable.”



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